Wednesday, January 20

The Birthday Girl!

Dear Noelle,

Three years ago today we took this picture of you:

Three years ago today Mommy and Daddy welcomed you into the family with much excitment and love. We became new parents and you captured our hearts from day one. Your tiny little fingers and toes, your sweet, beautiful face, and your special baby smell were some of the many things that fascinated us. How proud we were of you that day.

And how proud we are of you today. Today you turn three and have filled our lives with an infinite amout of love and happiness. You are growing into such a beautiful little girl and we are amazed at all the wonderful things you say and do. No longer a toddler, you have begun your journey into childhood with a fiesty personality, a heart of gold, and enough passion for life to inginte a fire.

We could not be more honored to be your parents and we are looking forward to all the joy that you will continue to bring into our life.

Happy Birthday sweet Noelle. We love you with all our hearts.

Mommy and Daddy

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