Friday, December 31

58 Degrees on NYE

Today is New Years Eve and would you believe Noelle, Ty, and I went on a walk because it's SO WARM OUT!  I turned on the weather channel and was shocked to see it was already 51 out, so we got on our boots and coats and headed out.  Noelle took her baby stroller and Ty dragged his lawn mower behind him the whole time...the only challenge was that it was a little windy on the back stretch.  Okay a lot windy, poor Ty could barely run, haha!

We even got to see a worm inching its way across the sidewalk, which Ty thought was the coolest thing.  I had to remind him to be "gentle" as he doesn't know his own strength!

Fresh air always helps with naps so I'm hoping for a long one today.  Noelle's BFF is having a NYE party so we're headed over there with our sparkling grape juice and delicious black bean dish to share.  Then Jeremy and I have a date with the couch and scrabble...hope he's ready to get his butt whipped!!

Happy New Years!

Wednesday, December 29

The Name Debate

A little peek into our naming debate:

Me: "How about Violet?"
Jeremy: "No way, I don't want to name her after something so generic you can buy it at big lots."

Jeremy: "How about Brock Landers?"
Me: "From Boogie Nights, ummmm no."

Monday, December 27

Droppin' a Duece

As the kids were playing play-doh at the kitchen table, the conversation went like this:

Noelle: "Mom, Ty dropped a duece!"
Me: "Ty did you go poopy?"
Ty: "No"
Noelle: "He dropped a toy. That's what a duece is, mom."

Oh my goodness, are they a riot or what?!

Friday, December 17

Is It Possible?

Is it possible that I am actually starting to find some energy almost 21 weeks into this pregnancy? I think so!  The last 2 weeks, I have started to feel more and more productive as each day goes on.  Most of my energy comes in a big spurt in the morning.  The last two weekends, I have spent on a cleaning binge.  I gutted Noelle's room which entailed packing up 2 laundry baskets of clothes and toys to sell at the next consignment sale, tossing an entire garbage bag of toys that were either broken or had parts MIA, cleaned out her closet and dresser of clothes that didn't fit and reorganized her system of toys. 

It felt good to accomplish something and I still marvel at where the energy came from to get it all done.  The new toy system is my feeble attempt and getting this child to pick up her toys after she is done playing with them.  I've sorted all the different gear into separate totes (kitchen gear, dress up clothes, legos, etc) and now she has to ask permission to play with them.  I know that seems like micro-managing but the other option is a floor full of toys that never gets picked up.  She was thrilled with the clean room and said she was happy that she "didn't have to step on toys to get to her bed".  I've even started giving her an allowance because I'm shocked this is actually working and her room has stayed clean for two straight weeks!!

Other cleaning sprees including deep cleaning the kitchen including the baseboards, cabinets, etc.  and cleaning the guest bathroom top to bottom.

Each spree is followed by a long nap and then feeling slightly sick in the evening because I tend to over do it!  It's great to feel like a normal person again and to be able to do normal things.  I hope to start back blogging on a semi-normal basis (especially since I am on Christmas break for two weeks) and share all the fun things that have been going on in the Hunt house!!