Sunday, August 23

So THIS is how it works...

Dear Noelle,

As I'm sure any two year old mom does, I have been working a lot with you on sharing. Ty is getting to the age where he is interested in toys and every now and then he gets ahold of one of yours. Without fail, you immediately want whatever it is he has. Even if it's a toy that hasn't made it's way out of the bottom of the toy basket in over a year. Doesn't matter. Then a nice long talk ensues on how you have to share with Ty, etc. etc. We usually end the battle with you finding another toy to exchange with Ty's cool one.

So, today, I was getting some of the old baby toys I had packed up from when you were itty-bitty and cleaning them off for Ty. I gave him this ball popper thing and once you noticed a "new" toy in the room, came over to me and said, "Hey mom, can I share with Ty?".

A breakthrough! Great! Finally, all the sharing talk we've been doing has finally paid off. Now you and your little brother are starting to co-exist peacefully and they can just mail me my mother of the year medal!

Or not.

Once I said, "Noelle, that's a great idea! Sharing with Ty is a very nice thing to do!" You walked right over to him, snatched the toy from his hand and proceeded to ball pop around the house while poor Ty was still trying to process what happened.

Ah, so this is how your little mind thinks sharing works. Guess we have some more work to do, huh?


Monday, August 17


Dear Noelle and Ty,

When your Uncle Dave and I get together, we usually end up laughing hysterically at some point. It doesn't take much to get us going, be it a one-line zinger from him, remembering a funny old story, or just recalling bits of our favorite movie, Dumb and Dumber. Whatever the case, a dose of laugh-so-hard-your-abs-hurt always leaves me thankful for such an awesome brother. In fact, just the other day we were talking on the phone about his internship and he made some off-hand comment which had me in tears. Neither one of us was talking, just laughing and he has the type of laugh that is just keep laughing harder and longer until you can get yourself under control (kinda drives your Grandma nuts, lol).

Anyways, the point of this post.

You two can get each other laughing the same way. The best is in the car, Noelle starts making funny faces or funny noises, and the next thing you know, Ty is laughing and soon enough you are just laughing at each other laughing, kinda like me and uncle Dave. It's the coolest thing to watch and even though some days it gets a little crazy around here, I love knowing that you two have each other and are going to be the best of friends!!


Thursday, August 13

Thursday's Playlist

So, a blog I check out from time to time ( does "Thursday's Play List" and this week's theme is Children's Songs. This couldn't have come at a better time because Noelle's favorite song of the week has changed to a new tune on her Baby Boogie CD. I don't know the name, but it's one we love to sing in the car. It goes like this:
My mom mom mommy is a bumble bee
She goes buzz buzz and she tickles me
My dad dad daddy is a rolly polly bug
he wraps his arms around and goes hug hug
that's buzz buzz and hugs hugs
mommy and daddy and love love love
Noelle loves it and I always reach back to try and tickle her, which makes her laugh hysterically. I googled it and found a sound clip so you can hear how catchy it is....
My Mom, Mom, Mommy,
My only question is, what the heck does a child of a bumble bee and a rolly polly look like?!

Tuesday, August 11

The Next American Idol

Dear Noelle,

Did you know you have the most beautiful voice? You have been singing since March, but you get so camera shy every time I try to record you. Your favorite song to sing is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I love how soft your voice gets and the way I can tell you are really thinking about what it is you are singing. You always make me smile and I especially like the way your tone fluctuates. You have a few kid CD's in the car and know all the words to the songs. The ABC's, Goodnight - Sleep tight, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mulberry Bush, and I Like to Bounce are just a few of your current favorites....sometimes you even like to blend two songs together. Here you are in action, singing the ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle. Oh, and the best is when you get to the L-M-N-O-P part....

(Note to Readers: Make sure you turn off the Blog Music on the right so you can hear the sweetest voice!)

I love you baby girl!


Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

...literally. It's about time for a family pic, eh? Here we are at the Grand Traverse Bay...

Monday, August 10

A Month of Firsts

Dear Ty,

My little sweetie, this has been quite the months of firsts!! You turned six months while we were on vacation and you have been a busy little boy.

Let's see, we kicked off the beginning of the month by you finding your toesies....

You are now able to sit up on your own (and have been since July 17th!!)....

You started rice cereal on July 23rd and while you LOVED it, it did not love you. You puked and then were up half the night crying and having stomach pains. So, we waited a bit longer and re-introduced it with smaller amounts and you've handled it fine so far. You are also eating bananas, applesauce and peaches right now. We tried carrots, but they didn't love you either. I can hardly get any pictures of you eating because you start yelling and fussing if the food isn't coming at a rapid rate. Here is a video clip:

We also had our first positive park experience. You've been before but have not enjoyed it until now. The swings used to scare you, now you love them! You are so stinkin' cute....

You also started working on drinking from the sippy cup....

You went to your first baseball game on August 2nd. We were up in Traverse City, MI and went to see the Beach Bums. You had fun at the game.....

...but not as much fun as your sister....

You ended your fifth month just like you started...playing with your feet, except now you like to suck on your big toe. YUM.
Some favorites: you love to watch your big sister Noelle and laugh at her when she makes funny faces. You are working hard at trying to crawl and you love to grab anything you can get your hands on, including mine and Noelle's hair. You are quite the demanding baby and like to "yell" when you are not happy, mostly around feeding time if I'm not shoveling in the food fast enough. You have had an aversion to your crib this month and prefer Daddy's chest as your new bed. I have a feeling I'm going to have to give you some tough love with a cry it out session. Either that or your Dad's going to go to the looney bin for lack of sleep. You continue to drool incredible amounts, yet no tooth has popped through.
You are so chunk-a-licious! You are up to 17 lbs, 14.5 oz and are 27.75 inches tall. I can't wait to see what your 6th month holds....
I love you bunches!