Sunday, August 23

So THIS is how it works...

Dear Noelle,

As I'm sure any two year old mom does, I have been working a lot with you on sharing. Ty is getting to the age where he is interested in toys and every now and then he gets ahold of one of yours. Without fail, you immediately want whatever it is he has. Even if it's a toy that hasn't made it's way out of the bottom of the toy basket in over a year. Doesn't matter. Then a nice long talk ensues on how you have to share with Ty, etc. etc. We usually end the battle with you finding another toy to exchange with Ty's cool one.

So, today, I was getting some of the old baby toys I had packed up from when you were itty-bitty and cleaning them off for Ty. I gave him this ball popper thing and once you noticed a "new" toy in the room, came over to me and said, "Hey mom, can I share with Ty?".

A breakthrough! Great! Finally, all the sharing talk we've been doing has finally paid off. Now you and your little brother are starting to co-exist peacefully and they can just mail me my mother of the year medal!

Or not.

Once I said, "Noelle, that's a great idea! Sharing with Ty is a very nice thing to do!" You walked right over to him, snatched the toy from his hand and proceeded to ball pop around the house while poor Ty was still trying to process what happened.

Ah, so this is how your little mind thinks sharing works. Guess we have some more work to do, huh?


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