Sunday, September 19


You'd think the third time would be the charm-not so.  I've been super sick the last few weeks and it's a struggle to make it through a day of working and coaching.  I'm constantly having horrible stomach pain that is only relieved by getting sick, only to repeat the situation 10 minutes later.  I'm sure my family and friends have had enough of my complaining!

Poor Noelle is so concerned about me getting sick, and today as I was laying in the bathroom she says to me, "Mom, I know you're sick but please don't let the baby come out and fall into the toilet." Oh you sweet little girl, don't worry!  I won't let that happen.

Sunday, September 12

To My New Little Baby

(8/29) Dear Sweet Baby,

Mommy and Daddy found out about a week ago that we are expecting your arrival this April/May! I cannot believe how quickly it happened, and am so excited to bring you into the family.  I have been feeling wonderfully and I thank God every morning I wake up that I haven't felt sick.  I want to cherish every moment because I know it's only a matter of time before it hits me like a ton of bricks!!  I feel so content and at peace and I know our family will be complete when you arrive.  I want to be thankful for every minute of this pregnancy and think positively every chance I get.

Welcome to our family my new little love,