Wednesday, October 13

Warning: Lots of Complaining to Follow....

Well, here we are a little over 3 months into this pregnancy and I still feel like complete crap.  My stomach is constantly in pain, either from being so hungry, but not being able to eat anything.  Or from eating something and not having it settle right, only to puke up moments later.  Honestly, I feel like I am losing my mind.  It's so hard for me to not be able to do basic things like clean up, or get the kids dinner ready without running to the bathroom to get sick.  Work is near impossible and I'm pretty sure my students are  learning diddly squat.  All I can do is rush through notes and then give them the rest of the time to work while I either go to the bathroom to get sick or keep it together until the passing period or a free period.  It's awful.

I feel bad for Ty and Noelle in that they wake up every morning to the sound of me getting sick.  They are so sweet and Noelle always tries to help me out with encouraging words like telling me it'll be okay, and to take a deep breath.  I hope I'm not scarring them for life.

The doctor gave me some medicine which does make the vomiting manageable (as in only getting sick 3 or 4 time instead of 10).  However, there are other side affects that I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say what goes on probably doesn't help my dehydration issues.  It also knocks me out.  The first time I took it and went to work, I literally fell asleep on my classroom floor during lunch.  I could not stay awake and it's only a 25mg dose.  Plus I only have a 30 day supply with no refills, so I try to save it for when I get really bad.

Like today, I am home from school resting up from my trip to the ER yesterday.  Everything is ok, but I'm laying low and trying to push fluids today.  I also took a medicine so combined with this stormy day, I'll be sleeping for a while! Sweet, fleeting relief!

In the end, of course I know it'll all be worth it.  Ty and Noelle definitely were and I know this baby will be too :-)