Wednesday, January 19

Happy 4th Birthday

Dear Noelle,

Tonight is your last night as a three year old!! Mommy can't believe what a big girl you are!  The last few months have just flown by, but I still make it a point to slow things down and marvel in what a beautiful little girl you are becoming. I look at you and am so happy and blessed that you are my sweet daughter.  You've really started showing your "mommy" side, mostly getting ready for Sweet Cheeks to come home.  You like to tuck me in at night and the other night you said, "I'm going to be a good mom like you someday, aren't I?" Yes, sweetie pie you are!  You like to talk to Sweet Cheeks, give hugs and kisses, and tell him/her that you love him. I love those moments.  I can't wait to have all your help when the baby comes and love that you are at what seems to be the perfect age during this pregnancy.  You are very curious and are finally starting to accept my explanation that the baby got in my belly by a miracle :-)

You are doing SO WELL at school!  I love hearing all your stories about playing with your friends and getting good reports from your teachers.  It makes my heart so happy to hear that you use your manners, listen, and are just an all around awesome kid! We are planning your birthday party and it seems that you are now up to inviting your whole school...not sure how thirty 4 & 5 years in a pool are going to get along, but we will make it work!
You pick up on everything. Just the other day at dinner, you started singing "Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways, dirty little freaks"  Daddy and I about fell out of our chairs!!  Don't worry though, most of the stuff you are catching on to are not Rated R :-)  You can write your first name and just love to paint and do art projects.  You also like to do your "homework" which consists of lots of letters.  You can count to 30, can recognize and write all the letters in the alphabet and can almost recognize the sounds of all the letters too!

You are so thoughtful and caring towards Ty.  You are always quick to share with him or help him out if he needs anything.  I've loved watching you grow and change these last 3 years and am SO looking forward to this next year as you grow into a little young lady. 

I love you and am so proud of you!  Happy Birthday to my amazing daughter!!