Tuesday, April 21

Easter 2009

Dear Noelle and Ty,

Easter was two Sundays ago and you two have kept me so busy, it's taken this long for me to get pictures uploaded.

Noelle, you did a good job coloring your Easter eggs with Daddy the night before. You even got to put special Elmo and Big Bird stickers on them!! We had been talking all about the Easter Bunny coming to hide eggs at your house...you ended up going to bed early so that the morning would come sooner. When you got up, you went straight to your basket and found bracelets, necklaces, sesame street books, "mail-mails", a city bus, an airplane, bat and ball, and a new Elmo top and skirt. You found all the eggs that were hidden and had a breakfast of swedish fish, gummy bears and lifesaver gummies. You even tried to open the eggs that we colored, but quickly found out that those didn't have candy inside.

You were so excited to wear your pretty yellow dress that you picked out. You also loved your bonnet and new shoes. And kept asking Mommy and Daddy pick you up so you could look in the mirror. You are such a beautiful little girl!!

Ty, you slept through the egg coloring and egg hunting, but the Easter bunny brought you some presents too. I think your favorite was the Mylicon :-) but he also got you some rattles, bibs and new outfit. Mommy was super excited to get you dressed up in your Easter outfit, you looked so handsome in your sweater vest!! We got you dressed and soon realized how hard it was to take a good pic of both you and your sister. One of you was either looking away or crying at some point. We're going to have to work on that!

We then headed out to Great Grandma and Grandpa Knight's to eat a delicious lunch and have an even bigger Easter egg hunt outside!! We couldn't believe how much candy you got and we ended up having to sneak it away so that no one got a stomach ache (that includes you Dad!!). Grandma also got you lots of pretty nailpolish colors and some "yummy" chapstick. Here are the pics we took of you two cuties....

All in all, we had a great day and even better weather and we managed to get through our first major holiday as a family of four!

I love you guys,

Monday, April 20

One Week

One week from today and I'll be back at work. Ugh. 12 weeks flew by and while I'm excited to get back to teaching, I'm feeling a little sad that I won't have the entire day to just hang out with Ty. Instead of going for long walks, having cuddle time, and enjoying his smiley mornings, I'll be back full time with my students.

But then the other night, I realized that I only have about a month left of school and that made me feel better. In five short weeks, I'll have the whole summer to enjoy both my kids. So for now, I'll spend this next week enjoying the last of my maternity leave and then start looking forward to the summer when I'll have all day to play with Noelle and Ty at the park and the pool. My garden will be in full swing and all the fun classes I've signed the kids up for will be starting. And while I still won't have all day to just cuddle with Ty, I'll be having a blast with swim lessons, pee-wee farmers, wiggles and giggles, tiny tot notes and more!

Thursday, April 16

The Swaddle

Dear Ty,

Ty, my little guy. I know that Daddy is a much better swaddler than me. I know you know this, so there is no reason to waste all your energy trying to bust out of my swaddle just to prove how horrible of a swaddler I am. Trust me, you sleep much better all cuddled up. When you have your arms up and ready to flail about, the blankie off, your nightgown halfway up your legs and your sock off, it's only a matter of time before you realize how cold you are and wake up crying to be warmed up. Let's agree to accept the fact that I'm not the best swaddler and leave it at that, okay?

I love you,

Friday, April 10

Sleeping Beauty

Dear Noelle,

I once read a quote that went something like "never miss the chance to watch your baby sleep". Every night I stop in your room to check and make sure you're still covered up, still breathing, and that no limbs are lodged in a crib slat. You are usually sleeping peacefully and I give you a kiss and tuck you in. Last night, when I went to check on you, I found this:

Wait, the best part is the close up of your "nigh-nigh" (aka a pacifier). Despite my better judgement, I risked waking sleeping beauty with a close up...

There nigh-nigh sat, barely hanging on, with only about 1/10 of it actually in your mouth. Of course as soon as I took the pic, the wind from the flash knocked it to the floor so I quickly got out before you woke up. As much as I wish you didn't have that darn nigh-nigh, I secretly like how much you adore that silly thing.

I love you babe,

Tuesday, April 7

First Entry

Dear Noelle and Ty,

I'm starting this blog to keep track of your cute photos, the funny things you do, and all the reasons I love being your mommy. I should have started it when you were born, Noelle, but better late than never!! This way, when you are all grown up you will be able to read all about life when you were little!