Friday, April 10

Sleeping Beauty

Dear Noelle,

I once read a quote that went something like "never miss the chance to watch your baby sleep". Every night I stop in your room to check and make sure you're still covered up, still breathing, and that no limbs are lodged in a crib slat. You are usually sleeping peacefully and I give you a kiss and tuck you in. Last night, when I went to check on you, I found this:

Wait, the best part is the close up of your "nigh-nigh" (aka a pacifier). Despite my better judgement, I risked waking sleeping beauty with a close up...

There nigh-nigh sat, barely hanging on, with only about 1/10 of it actually in your mouth. Of course as soon as I took the pic, the wind from the flash knocked it to the floor so I quickly got out before you woke up. As much as I wish you didn't have that darn nigh-nigh, I secretly like how much you adore that silly thing.

I love you babe,

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