Monday, April 20

One Week

One week from today and I'll be back at work. Ugh. 12 weeks flew by and while I'm excited to get back to teaching, I'm feeling a little sad that I won't have the entire day to just hang out with Ty. Instead of going for long walks, having cuddle time, and enjoying his smiley mornings, I'll be back full time with my students.

But then the other night, I realized that I only have about a month left of school and that made me feel better. In five short weeks, I'll have the whole summer to enjoy both my kids. So for now, I'll spend this next week enjoying the last of my maternity leave and then start looking forward to the summer when I'll have all day to play with Noelle and Ty at the park and the pool. My garden will be in full swing and all the fun classes I've signed the kids up for will be starting. And while I still won't have all day to just cuddle with Ty, I'll be having a blast with swim lessons, pee-wee farmers, wiggles and giggles, tiny tot notes and more!

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