Thursday, February 25

Layla Grace- keeping it in perspective

Today I stayed home with Ty, as he was not feeling well. My day consisted of laying in bed with him on my chest from about 8-4:30. He just slept and slept, and any time I tried to lay him down, he would scream. So, I held him and let him sleep on me. Unfortunately, my OCD self could not help but stare at the pile of laundry heaped up in the corner, or think about the million and one things I had to get done: mop the floor, empty the dishwasher, write one of my 3 12 page papers that are due in a month, the list goes on.

Then my mind turned to little Layla Grace. A heart-breaking 2 year old girl whose fight with cancer is almost over. I have been following her mom's blog and unless a miracle happens, sweet Layla will won't make it through the week. Her mom posted this post a few days ago- extremely difficult to read as they walk this unimaginable journey :

It really puts things in perspective. For all the times I complain about not getting stuff done, or having the kids trash their bedrooms just as soon as I walk out from cleaning it. Whatever the scenario, I need to keep it in perspective. Life is not about the pile of laundry that needs washed, the floors that need mopped or the toys that need putting away. Today, I held Ty tight and let the "to do" list go, because really, my only thing to do today was to help him feel better and to be thankful for my healthy family.

Please pray for Layla and her mom, dad, and older sisters. Pray for peace as she prepares to meet Jesus and strength for her family when she is gone.

Wednesday, February 17

For the Birds

I don't know where I came up with this idea. I feel like it's a project my mom or nana used to do with us when we were kids (except with pine cones, which is weird because we didn't have pine trees in Chicago, but who knows).

Anyways, Noelle really enjoys "projects" and so I decided to teach her how to make bird treats. They are really, really easy and she had a blast.

First, we set up the supplies: small bowls of peanut butter, bird seed, crackers, and unpopped popcorn. Take note of the cookie sheet to contain the mess- a BRILLIANT idea that I found that works for any project with play-doh, glitter, glue, paint, and of course bird seed. Not only does it contain mess like nothing else, but pop that baby into the dishwasher and clean-up is a piece of cake.

So for the bird treats just follow these three easy steps:

1. Spread peanut butter on the crackers

2. Dip the top in your select toppings

3. Place outside for the birds to enjoy- I tried using string to hang the treats on trees, but it didn't work quite so well. Pine cones would definitely be more sturdy. So we ended up just putting them on the picnic table outside.

***Side note: peanut butter licking likely to occur, so you really gotta watch that there isn't bird seed/popcorn kernels mixed in...otherwise you get a face like this....***

I won't lie though, I do have an ulterior motive. In my ongoing quest to be a better gardener, I read that you should try to attract different types of birds to your yard. This way they help keep the garden insect free, which is always helpful!!!

Tuesday, February 16

First of Many

Dear Ty,

Two days ago was Valentine's Day and we spent the morning in the ER with you. You see, you happened to drop a 5 lb. dumbbell on your big toe and it popped the nail off. By nail, I mean the entire left big toenail, it's attached cuticle and the hidden nail under the skin.

As soon as it happened, I was on the phone with the doctor's office, while daddy put the nail back on and held a cold washcloth over it. We were told to head in to the ER, where you sat and smile at all the nurses for about an hour. The tech came in and cleaned it out, put vaseline under the nail, only to have the doctor come in and tell her to take it all off so she could burn a hole in the toe nail. Obviously communication was lacking in the ER.

Anyways, back to burning the hole. The doctor didn't have the foresight to HOLD YOUR FOOT DOWN and instead came at you all reckless. Of course, you flinched as the procedure started, which cause the nail to rip off completely again and bleed everywhere. The doctor, two techs and two nurses couldn't figure out how to get the nail back on and fumbled around frantically as you screamed bloody murder for about five minutes until I finally said: "JUST STOP. Stop trying to get the nail on. It's fine, just wrap it up!!!"


Daddy put it pretty much into perspective when he said, "It's not often you leave the ER worse than when you came in."

You are doing okay in spite of the traumatic experience. We've kept you in footie p.j.'s all day and you'll probably be sporting the look all week, but it's the only way you keep can keep a sock on the dressing.

Ugh, it was quite possibly, one of the most horrific things I have seen happen to one of my kids. A Valentine's Day massacre for sure. However, I suspect this was just the first of many trips to the ER for you little man. I better start preparing mentally for the next one!

Love you,

Sunday, February 14

Ty's First Year

(don't forget to turn off the blog sound on the lower right side!!)

Wednesday, February 3

Don't Blink

Dear Ty,

Today, my little guy, you are one!! Your busy hands and swift feet have made the last year incredible. You are a walking, running, shouting, laughing, smiling, trouble making, kiss giving, speed-crawling, WWF maneuvering, head bumping, tantrum throwing, mess-making, food devouring, sound sleeping, ball of energy.

We have thoroughly enjoyed all the excitement you have brought to the house and are quickly learning to be one step ahead of you at all times. I remember when we were in the ultrasound room and the tech told us you were a boy. I was shocked. I thought you were a girl because I had been so sick, just like the 9 months with Noelle. Mommy and Daddy were shocked and thrilled all at the same time. We were going to have a son and Noelle was going to have a little brother.

I am going to copy a partial-post from Jill, a fellow blogger at, because when she wrote about being a "Boy Mom" I couldn't agree with her more. It also helps that she is a fantastic writer who shares my sentiments, but can express it oh-so-much more eloquently than me. Without further ado, some reasons why being a "Boy Mom" is the best:

"You develop a love of "little man" clothes, toy trucks, and OshKosh overalls paired with a toothy grin and muddy knees.
Being a boy mom means slobbery kisses and hugs that start with a running leap.

Being a boy mom means saving hundreds on clothes, even if only to spend that amount or more later in life on ER visits.

Being a boy mom means developing a keen eye for bugs and coming to terms with the fact that sometimes they can just be considered an extra helping of protein.
Being a boy mom means developing a very watchful eye while changing diapers, always on the lookout for the surprise pee stream attack.

Being a boy mom means having the pleasure of watching your son learn from his father.

Being a boy mom means you've been given the tremendous opportunity and challenge to raise someone who will grow up to be a respectful, loving and kind man. He may break hearts, but hopefully, with your guidance, he will do so gently."
Happy Birthday sweet boy,