Wednesday, February 17

For the Birds

I don't know where I came up with this idea. I feel like it's a project my mom or nana used to do with us when we were kids (except with pine cones, which is weird because we didn't have pine trees in Chicago, but who knows).

Anyways, Noelle really enjoys "projects" and so I decided to teach her how to make bird treats. They are really, really easy and she had a blast.

First, we set up the supplies: small bowls of peanut butter, bird seed, crackers, and unpopped popcorn. Take note of the cookie sheet to contain the mess- a BRILLIANT idea that I found that works for any project with play-doh, glitter, glue, paint, and of course bird seed. Not only does it contain mess like nothing else, but pop that baby into the dishwasher and clean-up is a piece of cake.

So for the bird treats just follow these three easy steps:

1. Spread peanut butter on the crackers

2. Dip the top in your select toppings

3. Place outside for the birds to enjoy- I tried using string to hang the treats on trees, but it didn't work quite so well. Pine cones would definitely be more sturdy. So we ended up just putting them on the picnic table outside.

***Side note: peanut butter licking likely to occur, so you really gotta watch that there isn't bird seed/popcorn kernels mixed in...otherwise you get a face like this....***

I won't lie though, I do have an ulterior motive. In my ongoing quest to be a better gardener, I read that you should try to attract different types of birds to your yard. This way they help keep the garden insect free, which is always helpful!!!

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