Thursday, February 25

Layla Grace- keeping it in perspective

Today I stayed home with Ty, as he was not feeling well. My day consisted of laying in bed with him on my chest from about 8-4:30. He just slept and slept, and any time I tried to lay him down, he would scream. So, I held him and let him sleep on me. Unfortunately, my OCD self could not help but stare at the pile of laundry heaped up in the corner, or think about the million and one things I had to get done: mop the floor, empty the dishwasher, write one of my 3 12 page papers that are due in a month, the list goes on.

Then my mind turned to little Layla Grace. A heart-breaking 2 year old girl whose fight with cancer is almost over. I have been following her mom's blog and unless a miracle happens, sweet Layla will won't make it through the week. Her mom posted this post a few days ago- extremely difficult to read as they walk this unimaginable journey :

It really puts things in perspective. For all the times I complain about not getting stuff done, or having the kids trash their bedrooms just as soon as I walk out from cleaning it. Whatever the scenario, I need to keep it in perspective. Life is not about the pile of laundry that needs washed, the floors that need mopped or the toys that need putting away. Today, I held Ty tight and let the "to do" list go, because really, my only thing to do today was to help him feel better and to be thankful for my healthy family.

Please pray for Layla and her mom, dad, and older sisters. Pray for peace as she prepares to meet Jesus and strength for her family when she is gone.

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