Saturday, July 30

Brotherly Love

Ty is so in love with his little sister and it's the cutest thing ever! Here are some of my favorite pictures taken back on May 6th.  Can you just feel the love pouring out of the picture below?

Here he is keeping Alexis company during tummy time.  It's nice to have him and Noelle around to entertain her, that's for sure!  It definitely extends her time on the floor, which in turn has made her one strong little girl!

Another adorable picture of Ty gazing at Alexis! Moments like this melt my heart!

 Ty decided to try and catch the "lady bug".  He got his bug catcher and put it on her head.  Alexis didn't seem to mind the extra attention.

The day wouldn't be complete without Ty showing the lady bug how to do some forward rolls.

I had to draw the line when he brought out the bat and ball to show her how to play baseball.  I was a little concerned about the safety risk involved.  And as cute as he is, Ty has a fierce, slightly uncontrollable swing and I just wasn't up for a trip the ER that day :-)

Friday, July 29

Like Father, Like Son

Taken: May 11, 2011

After Ty was up for a while, destroying his bedroom, Daddy went in to lay with him.  An hour later, I peeked in to check on them and this is what I saw :-)

Monday, July 25

And the Little One Said "Roll Over, Roll Over!"

Dear Alexis,

Today you rolled over from your back to your belly for the first time! Of course, it would happen on the very first day you are at Lisa's, so I didn't get to witness it first hand...but your big brother and sister did so that makes me feel a little better :-)  I can't believe how strong you are at only 3 months old!! I guess you were fussing while Lisa was getting your milk ready and you just rolled right on over.  If that doesn't say anything about your determination, I don't know what will.  You are so sweet! And you were extra sleepy tonight going to bed before 8.  I bet all that work wore you out today!

One more day at Lisa's this week and then we get to snuggle and cuddle until I go back to work for real on the 15th.  I love you little girl!

Saturday, July 16

Ice Cold Lemonade!!

"ICE COLD LEMONADE" was what Noelle shouted to every person that passed by from 11-1 today. Our neighborhood was having a garage sale and Noelle & Ty were determined to make some money! Earlier in the week we painted a sign to advertise and since it was super hot out, business was good! Noelle would get so excited when she had customers and Ty was very diligent in handling the money and giving change.

At one point, we ran out of ice.  Naturally, it was the same time Alexis was eating lunch, so Daddy and the kids hopped in the car and ran to get more.  While they were gone, the Jimmy Johns guy stopped by with some sandwich samples....yeah for free lunch!!

Once the rush was over, Noelle and Ty were more interested in riding their bikes than selling lemonade.  Daddy sold a few cups, but then he realized that he looked a little silly selling drinks while the kids were down the street playing.  We packed up the gear and counted the money, $15.83 was the grand total- not bad for .25 cups and 2 hours of work.  I'm sure they would have doubled that if they didn't have baseball earlier in the morning.   When I asked what they wanted to buy, they both shouted CANDY! (of course)

 Alexis wasn't as crabby as she looks in this picture.  In fact, she was smiling and having a great time spinning around in her exersaucer, but I still couldn't catch her elusive grin on camera, argh!!

As usual, Jeremy had some funny quotes from the day.  The top three follow:

1. At one point, Noelle was super hot and sweaty and she asks, "Can I have a sip of lemonade??"  Jeremy responds, "Sure, but you're drinking away your profits."

2. When the kids were eating lunch, they were making what some might call "a mess".  So Jeremy says, "You can't eat at the table.  You've got to keep up a professional appearance- NO FOOD ON THE TABLE!"

3. I was marveling at how well Noelle was going up to people asking for lemonade because last year she was so shy.  Jeremy says, "That's the #1 rule, you gotta ask for the sale."

Oh my, is he a riot or what? Just another day in paradise I guess!

Friday, July 15

Alexis Months 1-3

Dear Alexis,

Your first three months have been wonderful! The first month you spent sleeping ALL.THE.TIME.  We'd have to wake you up to eat and as tempting as it was to just let you snooze, we knew you had to nurse to gain weight and build up my milk supply.  I relished the solid 3-4 hours of sleep I was getting and was so thankful that you seemed to be a calm baby! 
All that sleeping must've meant you were growing.  Your first month check up showed that you gained 3lbs and grew 2 1/4 inches, wow! Such a big girl!!  You love to be swaddled, but only from the waist down.  If we try to wrap up your arms, you thrash about until they are free.
Here you are on May 6th, a week shy of two months.  Even tummy time doesn't seem to bother you, as you sleep right on through it.  When you do manage to stay awake you are VERY strong.  You can lift your head up well and once you start to get hungry and/or mad, you just about roll right over...incredible!  Of course, after your workout, it's back to loooong snoozes for you :-)  At 8 weeks, you were sleeping 6-8 hours at night.  Usually, you go down about 10 and wake up to nurse at 4 or 5, and then go back down until about 8. What a great sleeper!

At three months, you have quite the personality.  You started smiling at 9 weeks, but it was only an occasional grin, usually brought on by Daddy or me acting silly trying to get you to smile. Now, all we have to say is "Hi Alexis" and you wiggle and squirm and bless us with a big 'ole smile and giggle.  I've yet to get a good picture of you because you get confused when I point the camera at you, but I do have some good videos to upload soon!

You are still sleeping about 7 hours at night, but go from 9 to 3 or 4 now to eat.  You go right back down to and sleep another 3-4 hours.  I love it!!  You schedule is starting to regulate itself during the day as far as your morning and afternoon naps go. You continue to be the easiest baby in town and don't seem to mind as Noelle, Ty, and I jet set around town to various play dates and activities.  You love to cuddle your face into your blankie when you sleep and can't stand to have anything covering your legs while you sleep.  The other night, Daddy and I did an experiment where we put covers on your legs while you were sleeping.  Immediately, you wiggled and scooted until they were off and then went back into a deep sleep.  We did a three or four times and it was the same result.   You are too funny sweet girl! You legs are like ice when you get up to eat, but it obviously doesn't bother you since you sleep so well!!

You absolutely adore your brother and sister.  You always seem to be laughing or smiling at them and your new favorite activity is sitting in the exersaucer while they show you the toys and spin you around.  You also don't seem to be bothered by their laughing/yelling/crying/screaming/giggling/running/banging/barking/any-other-noise-you-can-think-of because you sleep right on through, even if you're napping in the swing and are in the same room with them.  Here you are 3 months, 2 days hanging out at the park!

I love you sweet baby girl!

Thursday, July 14

Water Fun at the Park

Today we spent the morning at tot time with lots of our good friends. After a 3.5 hour nap by all three kids and myself, we headed up to the HP for some water play. We grabbed some "Mix Donalds" as Noelle calls it and enjoyed the beautiful evening at the park. We hadn't made it to this park yet this summer, so the kids were really excited!! The water was freezing, but they didn't mind at all! Daddy joined us after his game of golf and we all headed down the street for some yummy custard! A perfect ending to a perfect summer day!

 After Alexis woke up from her nap, she loved laying on the blanket, watching the trees.  She even got to see some hot air balloons too! The weather was unbelievably perfect and we stayed for over 2.5 hours, soaking up the sun and fresh air.

Monday, July 11

A Love So Big

Dear Ty,

You are simply an amazing little boy! Your cuteness is hard to handle and your sincere heart is always showing no matter where we are.  You are 2 years 5 months and are the spitting image of your Daddy.  I love how much you enjoying cuddling and don't mind one bit when you crawl into bed with me.  Even in the middle of the night.  Although, Daddy might be a little upset because he always gets booted to the couch. :-) I always tell him that you're only young once and one day you won't want to cuddle, so I am going to soak it up while I can. Every now and then you'll want to "rocky-rocky" which means rock in the rocking chair, and I cherish those close moments with you.  Breathing in your sweet/stinky smell (depending on when the last bath was, haha), listening to you breathe, and rubbing your back are some of the best moments we share. 

Your gentle personality has started to show since Alexis was born.  You are careful to give soft kisses and I think it's absolutely adorable when you talk to her.  You take your voice up a few pitches and say "Hiiii Awexis Hiiiiii", give her a kiss, and then giggle a little bit. I'm determined to get it on video because I never want to forget it!  You are always the first to tell me when "Awexis awake" or "Awexis eyes open" and do a good job pushing her in the swing.

This is not to say that you aren't still a rough and tough boy.  My goodness child, you never stop running or jumping.  Ever. Some days you just stand at the front door and sprint to the back door.  Then sprint back.  And on and on it goes for a loooong time.  You even say "Ready, Set, Go."  I don't mind because it keeps you entertained! You LOVE the pool and do such a great job swimming! We go as often as we are able and it's such a joy to watch you swim and make new friends.  You especially like to do the alligator crawl and today you were brave enough to put your head underwater! Another favorite activity is baseball and soccer. You like to watch ball games with Daddy whenever you get the chance and are a pretty good player.  We don't know where love of soccer came from, but it sure is cute to watch you dribble the soccer ball around the house! You are a very good listener and that makes going on new adventures that much easier because I know that you'll behave :-)

In other developments, you are officially potty trained. You wear big boy undies all day, haven't had any accidents at nap.  I still put a diaper on at bedtime just in case, but you've stayed dry all night the last 3 nights.  What a great accomplishment! I can't believe you are growing up so fast, but I will NOT miss changing your stinky poopy diapers, that's for sure!

Another thing Daddy and I think is so sweet is that you end every statement/question with "white, Daddy, white?" or "white, Mama, white? (white = right). The other day you were out fishing with Daddy and you said "You my best fwend ever, white Daddy, white?"  Little things like that make my heart swell and the love I have for you is really just indescribable!

I love you Ty-Ty!
Love, Mommy

Freezing Time

Days like today make me want to freeze time.  They also make me realize how I need to get back on the blogging bandwagon so I can remember all the little things that make days like today so wonderful! The best part was sitting on the couch, nursing Alexis and watching Jeremy, Noelle, and Ty play in the back yard.  The smiles and laughs nearly brought me to tears.  How in the world did I get so lucky? I have the best husband and kids I could have ever asked for.