Monday, July 11

A Love So Big

Dear Ty,

You are simply an amazing little boy! Your cuteness is hard to handle and your sincere heart is always showing no matter where we are.  You are 2 years 5 months and are the spitting image of your Daddy.  I love how much you enjoying cuddling and don't mind one bit when you crawl into bed with me.  Even in the middle of the night.  Although, Daddy might be a little upset because he always gets booted to the couch. :-) I always tell him that you're only young once and one day you won't want to cuddle, so I am going to soak it up while I can. Every now and then you'll want to "rocky-rocky" which means rock in the rocking chair, and I cherish those close moments with you.  Breathing in your sweet/stinky smell (depending on when the last bath was, haha), listening to you breathe, and rubbing your back are some of the best moments we share. 

Your gentle personality has started to show since Alexis was born.  You are careful to give soft kisses and I think it's absolutely adorable when you talk to her.  You take your voice up a few pitches and say "Hiiii Awexis Hiiiiii", give her a kiss, and then giggle a little bit. I'm determined to get it on video because I never want to forget it!  You are always the first to tell me when "Awexis awake" or "Awexis eyes open" and do a good job pushing her in the swing.

This is not to say that you aren't still a rough and tough boy.  My goodness child, you never stop running or jumping.  Ever. Some days you just stand at the front door and sprint to the back door.  Then sprint back.  And on and on it goes for a loooong time.  You even say "Ready, Set, Go."  I don't mind because it keeps you entertained! You LOVE the pool and do such a great job swimming! We go as often as we are able and it's such a joy to watch you swim and make new friends.  You especially like to do the alligator crawl and today you were brave enough to put your head underwater! Another favorite activity is baseball and soccer. You like to watch ball games with Daddy whenever you get the chance and are a pretty good player.  We don't know where love of soccer came from, but it sure is cute to watch you dribble the soccer ball around the house! You are a very good listener and that makes going on new adventures that much easier because I know that you'll behave :-)

In other developments, you are officially potty trained. You wear big boy undies all day, haven't had any accidents at nap.  I still put a diaper on at bedtime just in case, but you've stayed dry all night the last 3 nights.  What a great accomplishment! I can't believe you are growing up so fast, but I will NOT miss changing your stinky poopy diapers, that's for sure!

Another thing Daddy and I think is so sweet is that you end every statement/question with "white, Daddy, white?" or "white, Mama, white? (white = right). The other day you were out fishing with Daddy and you said "You my best fwend ever, white Daddy, white?"  Little things like that make my heart swell and the love I have for you is really just indescribable!

I love you Ty-Ty!
Love, Mommy

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