Saturday, July 30

Brotherly Love

Ty is so in love with his little sister and it's the cutest thing ever! Here are some of my favorite pictures taken back on May 6th.  Can you just feel the love pouring out of the picture below?

Here he is keeping Alexis company during tummy time.  It's nice to have him and Noelle around to entertain her, that's for sure!  It definitely extends her time on the floor, which in turn has made her one strong little girl!

Another adorable picture of Ty gazing at Alexis! Moments like this melt my heart!

 Ty decided to try and catch the "lady bug".  He got his bug catcher and put it on her head.  Alexis didn't seem to mind the extra attention.

The day wouldn't be complete without Ty showing the lady bug how to do some forward rolls.

I had to draw the line when he brought out the bat and ball to show her how to play baseball.  I was a little concerned about the safety risk involved.  And as cute as he is, Ty has a fierce, slightly uncontrollable swing and I just wasn't up for a trip the ER that day :-)

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