Wednesday, August 3

I Think It's Finally Over

Dear Alexis,

Holy crap child! You just went through the LONGEST growth spurt! You started this craziness two nights ago at 1 am.  I knew something was up since you have been sleeping through the night for a while now, so I had a hunch you were starting a cluster feed.  Well, you were up every hour to nurse after that and then nursed ALL day every 1-1.5 hours yesterday.  I was about at my wits end!  Your last few growth spurts, you would cluster feed only during the night and by morning you would be back on your normal schedule.  Not so much this time around.  I couldn't believe how much you were nursing and you didn't sleep a wink through it all either.  No sooner did I take you off the breast and lay you down, you'd be crying and rooting around almost immediately. Wow, it sure was frustrating!!  Probably more so for your tired, hungry self :-(

At about 9 pm last night, you nursed and then I had Daddy give you some milk too, which was gone in about 5 minutes.  You were finally satisfied and were out like a light after that huge feeding! You didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning and are now back asleep after eating.  I bet you are super tired Alexis!

The funny thing is, is that I can tell how old you are by your eating habits.  I've never been the mom who knows your exact age in weeks/days...didn't know it for your brother and sister or any of my pregnancies either.  I mean, I have a general are about 3.5 months, but once that growth spurt hit, I knew you were 16 weeks old.  Sure enough, I got out the calendar and counted.  16 weeks old, almost to the hour!  (you were born at 1:37 am).  Pretty amazing!

Well sweet Alexis, I hope you plan on waking up soon because we all know how supply/demand works and I've got a ton of milk ready for you!!

I love you big girl!

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