Saturday, August 20

Pee Wee Farmers Recap

One of the MANY reasons I love our town is all the fantastic programs they run for kids.  I've enrolled the kids in pee wee farmers since Noelle's first summer.  It's the only thing that the park district offers for kids under 6 months, so I was totally that mom with the newborn the first year..and Noelle is finally about the right size for the shirt she got that first summer :-) 

The kids love the program and this year was no exception. Ty and Noelle are so independent that it makes doing outings with all 3 kids pretty seamless.  We'd usually arrive a little late (hey, I said outings are seamless; getting out of the house and arriving at our destination on time...well that is a whole 'nother story!) and the kids would have to hurry to get their crafts done before snack.  Each week had a theme and so the craft, snack, story time, and game were all geared toward the animal of the day. I absolutely loved watching Noelle and Ty race around, excited about about the new things they found.  Some of the highlights...

*Ty proclaiming with much adoration "Llamas are beautiful!l"
*Noelle panicking as a baby chick slipped under a fence away from her Mama.  The Mama duck was squawking and freaking out to be separated from her baby.  Noelle's concerned rivaled Mama duck's :-)
*Ty and Noelle getting to meet "AppleGobble".  Do be sure and ask Jeremy about the story sometime.
*Noelle and Ty making the cutest bunny faces.
*Nursing Alexis in the shade on beautiful summer mornings as her brother and sister explored the farm.
*Noelle and Ty getting to meet, pet, and hug a brand new baby calf.

Here's a video clip of two of the sessions.  Enjoy!

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