Thursday, August 18

Alexis is 4 Months!

Dear Sweet Little Alexis,

You turned four months on August 12th and we celebrated your 1/3 birthday in style!  We went to the Cardinals game and you got "beaked" by Red Bird.  You had on an adorable little Nike STL onesie and were just about as cute as can be! You didn't seem to mind when he held just kept gnawing on your fist without a worry in the world. 
It's been a great month for you in terms of miles stones.  You rolled over from back to belly for the first time (at 3 months, 4 days), and about two weeks later, you rolled from belly to back.  You'd think it'd be the other way around, but you actually like tummy time, so I guess you're thinking there is no reason to put all that effort in. Your big brother and sister were SO THRILLED to see you roll for the first time; I loved watching them watch you!
You're pretty much a pro now and we often find you just a roll away from smashing your head on the wood floors.  The only problem we run in to is when you roll yourself over at night and scooch into the corner of your pack 'n play and can't get out. You usually make little whimpers and twist your head from side to side.  I guess you just can't muster up the strength at night to flip back over.  I understand though, because you weigh 13lbs 15oz, are 24.5 inches tall, have 5 rolls from your hips to your knee, and it's tough to tell where your chins stop and your neck begins.  I love your chub!!
Despite the few traffic jams you get yourself in, you sleep like a dream.  Around 9:00 each night, you start to get a little fussy and I know you are ready for bed.  We have a good nursing session and then you are out like a light.  You wake up anywhere from 5-6, with a big 'ole grin, ready to start your day....until you finish eating breakfast and you fall asleep again until 8:30/9:00.  You not only learned how to laugh (especially when your feet or thighs are tickled), but you've also found your voice! Sometimes, we'll hear a huge pterodactyl-esque noise that surprises everyone, including yourself!!

Other things you like to do....the exersaucer is still a favorite and I no longer need to stuff blankets around you to keep you from leaning forward.  Your neck is super strong, you love to spin around (sometimes by yourself and sometimes with the help of Ty), and you're already tall enough to be on the 2nd level.  Another favorite of yours is the bumbo chair.  We always have you join us at dinner and you should see the buckets of drool that pour out of your mouth!  I can tell you are getting ready to eat big girl food, but you'll just have to wait 2 more months!!  If it makes you feel any better, we'll introduce the sippy cup to you at 5 months. I'm curious to see how you react to it!  You like to be read to and get huge "wild bear eyes" when we read any type of interactive book.

The bumbo chair makes you happy....

....but too much bumbo chair makes you tired.

Part of the reason you get yourself stuck at night is that you are always looking for your lovie, Zebra.  You are attached to Zebra like no other and LOVE to cover your face with the soft material.  You still refuse to keep any blankets on, but will fall asleep almost immediately when Zebra touches your cheeks.  I happen to think it's one of the most adorable thing in the world!  Our good friend bought that for you, and I'll have to find some more so that there isn't a crisis when Zebra starts to disintegrate. 

Tummy time makes you happy....

...but too much tummy time makes you crabby.

Alexis, you are such a happy and content baby!  You absolutely adore me, Daddy, Noelle, and Ty and always have a smile ready to give. A smile is almost guaranteed when Daddy sings his song to you: "Alexis leebers... jeepers, creepers!"  I can't wait to see all the new things you learn this month.

I love you baby girl.

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