Sunday, August 21

Our Second Home

The pool was seriously our second home. I was a bit unsure how things would shake out having a newborn this summer, but I found pool time to be quite successful. The tot time from 9-11:45 each morning was perfect for my little kiddos for several reasons. First, only the kiddie pool is open during that time, so no worries about Noelle and Ty walking too far into the deep end. There are so self sufficient, I was rarely bothered until the need for food arose...they got along swimmingly, pun intended, and I only had to break up a few fights over toys.  What more could a mother of three ask for?!

Second, it is a zero depth entry, which means the kids could enter and exit with ease. Not that Ty needed that, as his choice of entry was often a belly flop!

Noelle chose for the more reserved jumping in.  Less belling flopping, more cannonballish.

Third, the pool had a kiddie slide that provided numerous hours of squeals and laughter.  One of their tricks was always to throw a toy and slide down after it.  Not sure why that was so awesome, but they sure did love it!

Fourth, there are spray features that helped keep thing entertaining.  Noelle was determined to jump in between each fountain without touching the water.  At the beginning of summer, it was pretty tough, but the last day she was able to do it, and do it super quickly too! The coach in me was excited...cause you know plyos really round out an athlete :-) It's was like the fun version of ladders! Awesome!

The last two pics are of my crazy son Ty.  If ever got too cold, too tired, or too hungry, he would cover himself up with his towel and lay in the sun until his battery recharged.  Which brings me to the fifth and final reason why tot time is awesome- it wears them out.  Woot woot for long naps for all!!

  Most days Alexis was either eating or sleeping in the shade. On a few occasions, she sat with her feet in the water to cool off.  I'm looking forward to how Alexis will do when she's toddling around next year. I'm sure big bro and big sis will show here the ropes! Until then!!

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