Saturday, July 16

Ice Cold Lemonade!!

"ICE COLD LEMONADE" was what Noelle shouted to every person that passed by from 11-1 today. Our neighborhood was having a garage sale and Noelle & Ty were determined to make some money! Earlier in the week we painted a sign to advertise and since it was super hot out, business was good! Noelle would get so excited when she had customers and Ty was very diligent in handling the money and giving change.

At one point, we ran out of ice.  Naturally, it was the same time Alexis was eating lunch, so Daddy and the kids hopped in the car and ran to get more.  While they were gone, the Jimmy Johns guy stopped by with some sandwich samples....yeah for free lunch!!

Once the rush was over, Noelle and Ty were more interested in riding their bikes than selling lemonade.  Daddy sold a few cups, but then he realized that he looked a little silly selling drinks while the kids were down the street playing.  We packed up the gear and counted the money, $15.83 was the grand total- not bad for .25 cups and 2 hours of work.  I'm sure they would have doubled that if they didn't have baseball earlier in the morning.   When I asked what they wanted to buy, they both shouted CANDY! (of course)

 Alexis wasn't as crabby as she looks in this picture.  In fact, she was smiling and having a great time spinning around in her exersaucer, but I still couldn't catch her elusive grin on camera, argh!!

As usual, Jeremy had some funny quotes from the day.  The top three follow:

1. At one point, Noelle was super hot and sweaty and she asks, "Can I have a sip of lemonade??"  Jeremy responds, "Sure, but you're drinking away your profits."

2. When the kids were eating lunch, they were making what some might call "a mess".  So Jeremy says, "You can't eat at the table.  You've got to keep up a professional appearance- NO FOOD ON THE TABLE!"

3. I was marveling at how well Noelle was going up to people asking for lemonade because last year she was so shy.  Jeremy says, "That's the #1 rule, you gotta ask for the sale."

Oh my, is he a riot or what? Just another day in paradise I guess!

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