Friday, July 15

Alexis Months 1-3

Dear Alexis,

Your first three months have been wonderful! The first month you spent sleeping ALL.THE.TIME.  We'd have to wake you up to eat and as tempting as it was to just let you snooze, we knew you had to nurse to gain weight and build up my milk supply.  I relished the solid 3-4 hours of sleep I was getting and was so thankful that you seemed to be a calm baby! 
All that sleeping must've meant you were growing.  Your first month check up showed that you gained 3lbs and grew 2 1/4 inches, wow! Such a big girl!!  You love to be swaddled, but only from the waist down.  If we try to wrap up your arms, you thrash about until they are free.
Here you are on May 6th, a week shy of two months.  Even tummy time doesn't seem to bother you, as you sleep right on through it.  When you do manage to stay awake you are VERY strong.  You can lift your head up well and once you start to get hungry and/or mad, you just about roll right over...incredible!  Of course, after your workout, it's back to loooong snoozes for you :-)  At 8 weeks, you were sleeping 6-8 hours at night.  Usually, you go down about 10 and wake up to nurse at 4 or 5, and then go back down until about 8. What a great sleeper!

At three months, you have quite the personality.  You started smiling at 9 weeks, but it was only an occasional grin, usually brought on by Daddy or me acting silly trying to get you to smile. Now, all we have to say is "Hi Alexis" and you wiggle and squirm and bless us with a big 'ole smile and giggle.  I've yet to get a good picture of you because you get confused when I point the camera at you, but I do have some good videos to upload soon!

You are still sleeping about 7 hours at night, but go from 9 to 3 or 4 now to eat.  You go right back down to and sleep another 3-4 hours.  I love it!!  You schedule is starting to regulate itself during the day as far as your morning and afternoon naps go. You continue to be the easiest baby in town and don't seem to mind as Noelle, Ty, and I jet set around town to various play dates and activities.  You love to cuddle your face into your blankie when you sleep and can't stand to have anything covering your legs while you sleep.  The other night, Daddy and I did an experiment where we put covers on your legs while you were sleeping.  Immediately, you wiggled and scooted until they were off and then went back into a deep sleep.  We did a three or four times and it was the same result.   You are too funny sweet girl! You legs are like ice when you get up to eat, but it obviously doesn't bother you since you sleep so well!!

You absolutely adore your brother and sister.  You always seem to be laughing or smiling at them and your new favorite activity is sitting in the exersaucer while they show you the toys and spin you around.  You also don't seem to be bothered by their laughing/yelling/crying/screaming/giggling/running/banging/barking/any-other-noise-you-can-think-of because you sleep right on through, even if you're napping in the swing and are in the same room with them.  Here you are 3 months, 2 days hanging out at the park!

I love you sweet baby girl!

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