Thursday, August 13

Thursday's Playlist

So, a blog I check out from time to time ( does "Thursday's Play List" and this week's theme is Children's Songs. This couldn't have come at a better time because Noelle's favorite song of the week has changed to a new tune on her Baby Boogie CD. I don't know the name, but it's one we love to sing in the car. It goes like this:
My mom mom mommy is a bumble bee
She goes buzz buzz and she tickles me
My dad dad daddy is a rolly polly bug
he wraps his arms around and goes hug hug
that's buzz buzz and hugs hugs
mommy and daddy and love love love
Noelle loves it and I always reach back to try and tickle her, which makes her laugh hysterically. I googled it and found a sound clip so you can hear how catchy it is....
My Mom, Mom, Mommy,
My only question is, what the heck does a child of a bumble bee and a rolly polly look like?!

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