Friday, December 31

58 Degrees on NYE

Today is New Years Eve and would you believe Noelle, Ty, and I went on a walk because it's SO WARM OUT!  I turned on the weather channel and was shocked to see it was already 51 out, so we got on our boots and coats and headed out.  Noelle took her baby stroller and Ty dragged his lawn mower behind him the whole time...the only challenge was that it was a little windy on the back stretch.  Okay a lot windy, poor Ty could barely run, haha!

We even got to see a worm inching its way across the sidewalk, which Ty thought was the coolest thing.  I had to remind him to be "gentle" as he doesn't know his own strength!

Fresh air always helps with naps so I'm hoping for a long one today.  Noelle's BFF is having a NYE party so we're headed over there with our sparkling grape juice and delicious black bean dish to share.  Then Jeremy and I have a date with the couch and scrabble...hope he's ready to get his butt whipped!!

Happy New Years!

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