Wednesday, March 17

And the excuses keep comin'....

I am trying to type up a portfolio for my National Board Certification and I can't concentrate because Miss Noelle won't get to sleep. For your entertainment and my sanity, I'll list some of the excuses I hear her wailing as the night progresses:

I'm hot
I'm cold
I'm hungry
I'm scared
I'm thirsty
I want you dad
dad, dad daaaad, DAAAAD
I love you mom
I want my bow paci
I have to go pottie
I want you dad
Can you rub my back
mom? dad? I love you
I'm sad
I need a hug
I need you to tickle my back
I'm not tired
I need a tissue

The final plea: I love you dad

And cue the sandman! Back to work now that there is peace in the house.

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