Wednesday, May 26

Stream of Consciousness

I am behind in the blogging arena. I still haven't blogged about the marathon nearly a month ago, and have to update on my awesome girls weekend last weekend. I pull up the page to get a start and the template is all jacked up. Who knows how long it's been like that. UGH. Had to google the step by step instructions to get a decent template back up. I like it. It's nautical, makes me think of living on the east coast, which is where I would pack up and move to in a heartbeat if Jeremy would allow it. Ty has been neglected this morning as I figured out the logistics of the switch. No matter though, as soon as sleepy head Noelle wakes up, we're going to go to the pool, maybe wash the Sequoia, plant some flowers that desperately need to be planted. The garden is going well. The damn vole keeps eating my cucumber plants, but the bunnies have steered away from the beans and they are coming along nicely. I think it's because I planted onions on the outside perimeter. Can't wait until the school year is over. The kids have gone nuts and I am ready for summer. Looking forward to this weekend, graduation parties, going up to the hometown for a race on Monday. Ran a great time in my workout last night, feeling like a PR is coming. Well, not a college PR, but a post-college, post-2 kids PR. Should be fun if it's not blazing hot. Noelle has a race too. Might go get her some new running shorts. Man, I have a lot to say. Wish I could call someone but my phone is dead. Dropped it yesterday and the top part of the flip part broke off. That should probably be a priority of to do's today. Along with getting to the gym to get my quarter workout done. Softball tonight and Jeremy's team plays some of my former students. Should be fun. Oh, Noelle is up, so I better wrap it up!

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