Tuesday, September 22

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Dear Noelle,

One of the things I really hope to instill in you is a love for reading and I think we are on the right track. You get super excited when we go to the library and have a blast bringing back the old books and picking out new ones. You are always trying to get us to read "one more please" or keep reading for "just two more minutes".

We have read and re-read your collection of books so many times that you have a few of them memorized. I happened to sneak up on you and Ty in the hallway today and you were reading him Brown Bear, Brown Bear:

All was going well until you said " gorange oldfish" and I started laughing. You caught me with the camera and got camera shy shortly after, but these impromptu reading sessions with Ty are happening more and more and I think it's the cutest thing! You're such a good reader AND a good big sister!

I love you little girl,

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