Wednesday, September 9

Why would you do that?

Dear Noelle,

Tonight we had a great dinner: homemade Italian beef, cucumbers fresh from our garden and french fries. You accidentally knocked your spoon on the floor and as I went to go grab it, you threw a hunk of meat at me. What the heck would possess you to do that? Needless to say, you landed in time out. When I asked you why you would do that, you said, "Cause it's funny!"

Of course.

We then headed out for a bike ride and you can now FLY on your little bike. At one point I was running with Ty to catch up to you, and as you kept going faster and faster, I couldn't help but think of how much your bike riding parallels your growing independence. You are getting to be such a big girl and are a wonderful help (when you're not pelting me with food). I love how your personality is so unique and even when you are testing the limits, I never forget how lucky I am to be your mommy.

When we got home, we started to fill up the tub for bath time. You came up to me, hugged my neck and said, "Mom, I love you. You're my friend."

You're my friend too, baby girl, and I love you infinity!!

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