Tuesday, April 13

Inny Turned Outy

Have you ever eaten so much that your belly looks like this?
That your stomach protrudes out like an Ethiopian child?

That your stomach is so full it forces your inny to become an outy?

It's okay. You can admit it. Lord knows I feel like this some days too.
The funny thing is, is that this little man:

consumes an insane amount of food at every meal and the once thought rare phenomenon of inny turned outy has now become a daily occurrence in the Hunt House.

Ty is 14 months and we may have to adjust the monthly food budget to keep this chunker fed. He still continues with the dog food obsession and sneaks pieces any chance he can get. I will admit, albeit reluctantly, that there have been a few times I have just let him eat the piece of dog food. There's only so many times you can fish out a slimy, half chewed up, nasty smelling, lamb and rice pellet out of someones mouth, only to listen to said person wail and gnash his teeth for 15 minutes post pinkie swipe. You've gotta pick your battles, ya know?

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