Wednesday, August 11

Ty's First Haircut

(July 13th) I've never been one of those moms who digs the long 'do on a boy.  I've never really understood the fascination with keeping the curls around or letting the hair grow for sentimental reasons.  I think Jeremy put it best when he said, "No hard working man has long hair." Yes, I know he's not even two, and hardly a hard worker, but there is something to be said about a clean cut!!

So when Ty's hair started to grow into a funky little surfer 'do, it HAD to go.  I mean, at first the little mohawk on top was cute, but then it got OC and it would stick out in the back too, with random tufts of hair poofing out here and there.  Sorry to say it little man, but it was pretty rough for a while.  I tried to take some before pics but they don't do the level of scraggliness justice.

From the moment we walked in, Ty knew something was up.  When he sat down in the chair, panic set in. 

Even the yummy sucker I brought didn't help ease the pain.  It just helped to collect random hair clippings: on the sucker, his face, and his chubby little hands.

I've been going to Tamara for ever, Noelle went there for her first haircut, and so it was natural Ty would too.  Bless this woman's heart.  Ty threw a fit of epic proportions and I'm still not sure how he managed to get a decent looking cut while he thrashed about.  Of course, I was no help because I was too busy taking pictures and trying to grab all the locks to keep in baggie for sentimental value.  (No, I don't like long hair but a milestone is a milestone and I got a LOT of clippings, ha ha.)

Oh and I just L.O.V.E. this pic.  That big 'ole pouting lip gets me every time!!

He looked SOOOOO much better afterwards and such like a young man that is brought tears to my eyes.  My little boy is growing up so fast and I am just over the moon for him!  You can't really see the great cut in all it's glory here, but be sure to be on the lookout in the next few posts :-)

And just because she is a beauty, here is a pic of Noelle.  I know I'm biased, but damn, this girl is gorgeous! She looks like a porcelain doll with her blue eyes, perfect skin and perfect hair.  Seriously, we are in trouble when this wee one gets older!

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