Wednesday, August 11


...but in a good way.  Wow! We have been so busy finishing up our summer fun that it's so hard to keep up.  We also just finished a family camping trip to Colorado, but who knows if I'll ever get the crazy, what the hell were we thinking trip, blogged.  SO MUCH has been going on and I continue to revel in the fact that I am so blessed to have had such a fantastic summer with my kiddos.  Here's a brief recap of the last week in July:

We continued to do school work and make projects.  One recent pasta gluing project was enjoyed by both Ty and Noelle.  We started with all the different kinds of pasta-esque stuff I had in the pantry and glued them onto construction paper.  The end goal was to paint them but due to the amount of glue used, it took a llooooonnngg time to dry so we didn't get to the painting this time.

Noelle did a beautiful job gluing her pieces and make neat designs.  She concentrated really hard and made sure to place her pasta just so.

I wasn't sure how Ty would do with a bottle of glue, but to my surprise, he was a rock star!  And he got to work those fine motor skills by putting the pasta on the glue dots, which is always a plus!  The pasta parts eventually started finding their way to his mouth and he was NOT happy when I took them out.  Love the daggers he's shooting my way in the last pic!

We also visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Knight.  They had a lot of cherry tomatoes for Noelle to pick and we enjoyed a good dinner and visit.  Noelle and Grandpa also made homemade ice cream...a wonderful treat indeed!  I love the time we spend at the Knight house and I know the kids do too!  I hope Jeremy and I are lucky enough to grow old together and be the same type of Grandparents one day- they are such wonderful inspiration!!

There were some other great things that went on that last week, like Ty's first haircut, Noelle's baseball practices, and the county fair.  But, I think those are gonna need their own post space!

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