Sunday, July 25

Movie Night

After Touch a Truck on the 10th, the Gray's hosted a movie night at their house, complete with yummy popcorn popped in an old fashioned popcorn maker.  Noelle was excited to see her good friend McKenna who she doesn't get to see that often when Little Gym is not in session.  We made some brownie pops to take and they were a big hit!  (more so with the adults than the kids!) We watched the movie Cars and had a great night of fun!

Here is a pic of all the kiddos who were there...can't you just hear them saying chheeeeese!

Ty surprisingly sat down and watched most of the movie.  Of course, when I went to take a picture of this phenomenon, he bolted.  Not sure what is up with the look on Noelle's face here...maybe a sad part of the movie???

Beer belly...check.  Grill...check.  Food...check.  All Ty needs is a beer and we've got a typical male pic here!

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