Wednesday, July 7

Fourth of July- Our Week Long Celebration

This year, Fourth of July turned into a week long celebration.  On June 27th, we headed over to a little town to celebrate their "fun days".  The kids were excited to see the fireworks and we got to see a gorgeous sunset on the way down. 

 All you need to tell me is that funnel cakes will be sold and I will travel near or far to stuff my face until I get a stomach ache.  So good. So worth it.

Snow cones were a nice treat to cool us down as we waited until the show got started at dusk.

Side note: dusk is a cop out- get your sh!t together and give me a starting time to the show.  It's makes waiting more bearable. Especially when you have a toddler who can't sit still for more than 2 minutes at a time.

Once the show did start, the kids were mesmerized.  We usually don't sit super close, so it was cool to see all the action.  We weren't sure how Ty would like them.  Wait.  Who am I kidding?  If it's loud and dangerous, Ty will love it.  Every time a firework went off, Ty would go oooo (rhymes w/ mooo).  I tried to capture it on video, but it's hard to hear...

Overall, a good start to our celebrations.  The kids were KO'ed on the way home and it was a good introduction to the good times up ahead.

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