Tuesday, July 13

Landscaper's Challenge

Stillllll trying to catch up from early July. 

On July 3rd, we spent the day at home finally starting our landscape project.  We'd bought the supplies nearly 3 weeks ago but due to schedules, rain, and a busy life in general, it took a while to get going.  The kids busied themselves by washing their cars and playing in the hose.

Somehow I knew the afternoon would end up like this:

It was super cute to see Ty helping Daddy with the level.  Ty would put the level on the blocks, put his hands in the air, squat down and take a good look.  Wish I had a pic! 

Jeremy is seriously a God.  We both learned that putting in a retaining wall, on a curve and a hill no less, is pretty freakin' difficult.  Combined with our perfectionist personalities, this had disaster written all over it :-)  Luckily, Jeremy has the patience of a saint, so while the kids and I were napping, he spent 3 hours leveling the ground, pouring sand & rock, tamping it down and the finishd product looks AWESOME.  I don't have a before pic (ugh!) but just use your imagination.  The bushes hadn't been trimmed since the builders planted them 4 years ago.  The red bricks once bordering the bushes were so overgrown with grass that Jeremy had a tough time locating some.  Very Jungle-esque.

(Don't mind the dead grass....we've termed the corridor, pardon my french, "piss alley". Since we live on the subdivision's trail, all the dogs pee on that 1 foot strip which really does a number on the quality of grass.  For the money we're paying for True Green, it better start looking good soon!)

Next on the to do list: get the overgrown grass/weeds out from the inside portion, refill with rocks, and commit to the types of flowers I want planted.  I'm researching that now and hopefully will decide soon!!  Then we have a fence FINALLY getting installed and I can hardly wait!!

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