Tuesday, July 6

Our First Family Drive-In Experience

We went to the Drive in where we saw Toy Story 3 on 6/18.  We took the third row of seats out, packed the car with pillows, sleeping bags, and tons of candy and headed off for a great time.

The kids thought it was a great treat to be able to roam around the car and watch a movie out of the back window. 

Having fun before the movie started....

Do you see the look on this little Devil's face? That is the "when you're not paying attention, I'm turning on all sortsa stuff up front that is going to drain the battery with about 15 minutes left of the movie" look.

Enjoying the movie...I love my little stair steps!  I think there's room for one more ;-)

So after we realize the battery was drained, we started seeing a bunch of flashing light.  Noelle started to panic because of the "lite ting" and I thought it was people taking pictures.  Well, we found out about 3 minutes later when the wind picked up and people started leaving that a wicked storm was coming through town.  Seeing as we had no power, I begged Jeremy to ask someone for a jump before all hell broke loose. 

Luckily this teenage girl next to us had jumper cables and helped get the car started.  All the while, Noelle is having a panic attack because of the impending storm and Ty is so tired he can't even see straight.  We ended up leaving without seeing the end of the movie because we couldn't figure out how to turn off the day-runners and didn't want to risk turning off the car.  The rain was seriously coming down in sheets and we went about 35 on the back roads until we got on the highway. 

Funny thing is, the other night we actually, in all seriousness, contemplated going back to finish the movie....crazy? Maybe.  Up for an adventure? Always.  That's how we roll.

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