Monday, July 12

Next Round of 4th Fun

On Friday, July 2nd, we headed north this time to celebrate the 4th w/another town's festival.  They had inflatables that the kids thoroughly enjoyed, a great country band, and a pretty neat firework show.

Here Daddy is trying to explain patience to Noelle as she waits in line.

Ty watching some loud monster trucks start up. Do you see the love and awe in his eyes? Too cute.

Going through the inflatable obstacle course...

The kids loved the slide!! Noelle did just fine on the way down, but Ty tumbled and flopped like a rag doll.  I have no pictures of him because at that point I was racing towards him, hoping he didn't break his neck! These things need a minimum weight restriction.  GEESH.

We met up with my friend DeDe and her two girls Kaitlyn and Evie. 

Ty wanted nothing to do with being friends with Evie.  He kept running away from her every time she tried to hug or kiss him.  Since then, I've noticed he plays hard to get with all the girls his age.  Typical boy!!

We then spent a while dancing to the band and waiting for the fireworks to start.  They played some good country music and Noelle danced her little heart out!

 Another great night of summer fun in the books! The kids were out before we even left the parking lot that night....that's about par for course these days! Can't believe how fast the summer is going!! I'm loving every minute of it, but it's going to make going back to work pretty difficult this fall.

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