Saturday, May 12

How My Garden Grows: Week 2

Week two into the double gardening experience.  I spent a lot of time at the rented plot, just trying to clear through all the weeds.  I went over and spent my lunch hour a few times and it's coming along.  Seems that the weeds are getting under control a bit, so that is good.  The kids and I went out today and picked several bucket fulls again.  

Here is a picture of the garden plot.  You can kind of see where my square is.  I've got the onions and beans off to the right in an L shape so I can wave plant north and west as the summer goes on.  You can see the three tomato plants...the cayenne pepper plant is off to the right.  The corn is in the top left.

Here the bulb onions are starting to sprout! So excited to have lots of onions!  The seeds have not come up yet, but I'm guessing we'll have some sprouts by next week.

The beans are also coming up. One more week and I'll start another 2 rows of seeds.  I can't wait until our first beans of the summer!!

Here the herb plant we inherited.  I am pretty sure it's fennel, but I guess time will tell.  It's kind of in an awkward spot so I might try and transplant it this week.

CORN! A few corn seeds have started to sprout.  This is a good thing since I have no idea what I'm doing with it : )  I've made a few friends with my neighbors so I'm hoping they can give me tips on how to make sure it pollinates and what not.

Peas in our home garden- I think I have a way to construct a trellis but now I have to find the materials for cheap.  I'm hoping to hit up some garage sales next weekend and see what I can find.

Beans at home- both rows are in.  Now to keep the rabbits out until the get past their first leaf stage! We have some rabbit repellent that may or may not work.  I've tried spreading dog hair, but all that did was get the hair all caught up in the bean pods when it grew, which was a giant pain in the ass to get off before we cooked them.

Green onions- these are VERY VERY tiny, but have sprouted! They are about as tall as my pinky fingernail.

One of the green pepper plants....

Our cherry tomato plant.  So far no spiders!

And the cucumbers...I can tell they are ready to sprawl out and get to growing!

Sunflowers- going to have to thin these out soon, but I'm going to wait another week to make sure I pick the strongest plants.

The lettuce and chives haven't sprouted yet.  I probably should have gotten them in sooner, but we'll see how it goes.  I also just realized I never planted the carrot seeds! Going to get on that as soon as I can decide where to put them.

And that, my friends, is how my garden grows, week 2!

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