Tuesday, May 29

How My Garden Grows: Weeks 3 & 4

We have corn! The corn is on its way to knee high by the 4th of July...and the weeds are growing at the same rate, if not faster.  I spent a good 3 hours the other night weeding and it barely made a dent.  So, I've decided to just maintain the areas around the plants and worry about the other spots when I can.  I'm pretty excited for the corn, but Jeremy likes to remind me that we need to see actual ears first.  

The beans have taken a bit of a hit the last 2 weeks.  Here is a shot of the rented plot's beans.  Something is obviously snacking on them so I made sure to get the Seven out and have been able to control the damage.  Where are pictures from my home garden? Oh, there are NONE.  Because something (rabbit, vole, bird?) ate the seeds/leaves.  So I had to replant those and they have yet to sprout.  Very frustrating!

 Onions are looking great! You can see my neighbors cabbage in the background.  You can also see the weeds that separate our gardens.  Maybe one day I'll have time to pull those.  If not, oh well!

 The onions I planted from seeds have started to come up....

The tomato plants are looking healthy.  One even has a little tomato starting! Can't wait to enjoy BLTs, salsa, and sauce!

The cayenne pepper plant growth is minimal.  Going to get some fertilizer out to give it a hand.

On the home front, the cherry tomato plant has started to flower.  The difference is soil quality and the affect it has on plants is simply amazing.  Every time I go out back, it seems like the plants have grown 1-2 inches.

The sunflowers are getting tall but don't look too healthy.  It's probably due to our crappy soil in the backyard.  I have miracle grow on the list for the grocery this week, so hopefully that will help.  I would love it if I could get one or two sunflower heads to dry and make seeds!

The green peppers were being eaten as well, so I put a barrier around the bottom to ward off hungry little pains in the ass.

The peas are coming along nicely.  Still haven't made a trellis, but maybe now I'll get it done since school is out??  I filled in some of the open spots with more seeds, so we should have a nice crop of peas- yum!

 The cukes- this is kind of a bad picture.  The plant is doing well and with a good rain or two, I imagine I'll start to see some flowers.

Still no sign of the lettuce.  The chives were coming up, but I think a certain boy and girl picked all the sprouts to eat...because the pot is now mysteriously empty after a brief taste test.  The green onions continue to grow well, and I put in some bulb onions in the home garden too, in hope of keeping out the pesky rabbits.

And that's how the garden has been growing!!

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