Sunday, July 1

How My Garden Grows: Weeks 7-9

Front view of the garden at home.  The peas are on the left, cherry tomato in the middle, and the cucumber on the right.  I haven't had any cucumbers yet; we were on vacation so I couldn't prune this last week.  So, the leaves have been growing, but the cucumbers have stayed small or whithered.  Hopefully we'll see some by the end of the week!


Cherries are starting to turn red!

Well, turns out what I thought were bell peppers were actually these pictured below.  Obviously some sort of pepper, but not a bell! I'm hoping they are sweet and not hot. I'll let Jeremy figure that one out!

Pea pods! The kids gobbled them up within minutes.

Now to the bad.  The freakin rabbits ate all the beans AGAIN while were on vaca.  And they also had a feast on some of the onions. I feel defeated. Thankfully, the beans are flourishing at the other garden, so I'm not too mad.  At least the roots will help get some nitrogen to the soil.  I think I'll probably till that part and get my winter carrots started.  

The sunflower heads are just starting to open!

Tomatoes at the rented plot.  TONS of green tomatoes on the 3 plants.  Now it's just waiting patiently until they ripen.  My neighbors have had trouble with something eating theirs, but so far they've steered clear of my plants.  

Front view.  3 tomato plants in front, corn in back, the beastly fennel plant in the middle, beans to the right.

Beautiful, delicious beans.  Tons of them.  We picked two rows and filled up an entire Meijer bag.  I've got two more rows growing and then I'll put in another two this week.  My neighbors said they were jealous of the size and look of the plants.  Ya, I love compliments on my garden!! 

Hot pepper plant has started to flower.

Corn silk...which I assume will turn into a husk? Time will tell...I do know that I've got the tallest corn out there, so that has to count for something, right?!

Side view.  The kids are picking beans, corn in the back.  Fennel plant is right behind Noelle, tomatoes to the left.  To the right is the patch of weeds I'll need to clear before I get the next set of beans down.  

Best 'lil picker!

And that, my friends, is how my garden grows weeks 7-9.

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