Thursday, August 16

How My Garden Grows: the rest of the summer!

Well, the garden production is in full swing!  The last month or so, we've had tons of corn, beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  I forgot to take a picture of our first tomato, but I did remember to snap a shot of it half eaten! Nothing better than a fresh tomato!!  The kids are about sick of them at this point, but boy, when they were first ripening they would fight for them like cats n' dogs.

Noelle loves to water the garden.  The only problem is that she thinks it's funny to spray Ty, which always ends in a fight.

Alexis loves to be at the garden.  She is quite the little helper! We usually go on bath nights since she gets pretty dirty.  Here she is helping pick tomatoes and corn.

The plants are out of control! Note to self: don't be so cheap with the trellises.  When you have big plants, they bend and break from the weight, thus rendering them worthless.  What I'd really like to do is build big cages...made of that wire you use for concrete.  Now those would be perfect.

For the most of July,  I would also get a sink full of corn and a ton of tomatoes.  I also pulled up all the onions and am hoping they will keep through the fall.

Another batch of tomatoes.  And some cayenne peppers starting to turn!

One of my favorite things to make: fresh onions, fresh tomatoes, and avocados.  Chunk it up and enjoy with tortilla chips.  So delicious.

We have had the fortune to have excess tomatoes so we spent one morning blanching and freezing them.  Here Noelle is posing with some of the tomatoes she peeled. 

Alexis is a better looker than helper with the blanching process.  She was content to play with a bowl of water.  Ty gave up on peeling tomatoes after about 5.  

Three bag fulls ready to go for chili! Now if the fall could hurry up and get here, that would be perfect! 

Got a batch of peppers drying out.  Jeremy loves to put these in eggs, sauce, and chili.  They are WAY to hot for me!

I actually have sunflowers! This is the second bouquet we've picked.  There is something so great about fresh flowers....really brightens my day.

And that is how my garden has been growing!!

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