Friday, July 3

5 months

Dear Ty,
Today you are 5 months and we spent the entire day having lots of fun. We went to Pee-Wee Farmers with Daddy and Noelle and had a good time looking at all the animals. We then spent the rest of the day out on Grandpa's boat and you loved it!

Let's see, at 5 months you are still Mr. Serious, but smile A LOT more now. Your smiles are extra fun because you get really into dig your little chin into your chest and squint your eyes and squeal. Your favorite place to be is in the exersaucer, where you spin round and round checking out all your exciting toys. You reach out and try to grab everything and chew on pretty much everything too. When you start to grab stuff, you put your arms out in the "so big" position and slowly bring in both arms until your hand get a grip on what you want. You try to grab the water from the tub faucet and your babysitter says you can hold your own bottle now When I nurse you, you like to hold the boob like a bottle too. Daddy thinks it's weird but I think it's so cute!!!
We haven't had any luck with your first tooth, but it's coming soon I'm sure. You continue to drool like a maniac and on extra tough days, we break out the Tylenol or Motrin to help you with your tooth. I have been slowly introducing dairy back into my diet and you've done pretty well with it so far. I'm hoping you have out grown your allergy. I'd really like to start you on rice cereal today, but we're going to wait another month or so for you to work on growing out of your allergy. I know you are just going to LOVE big boy food.

You can push up with your arms, and can get up on your knees, but haven't been able to do them simultaneously. I'm not sure you really need to crawl because you roll to whatever it is that you want. You especially like Noelle's toys that make noise and we've had to work on the concept of sharing big time. While she's trying to grab her toys back, you give her attitude....ahhhhh sibling rivalry starting already.

I love you,

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