Sunday, July 12

"I Pooped Obama"

Dear Noelle,

The first time you pooped on the big girl potty, you got up, looked at the toilet and said "I pooped a frog". As I went to flush, I happened to notice that your poop really did resemble a frog. Since then you've pooped a lion, a snake, an elephant, a cat, a dog, a monkey, and I think a giraffe.

Last night, you took a look and said, "I pooped Obama." Dad and I couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of your statement.

One night Dad and I were talking about your personality and how unique you are. Dad said something like "She's either going to be a bleeding heart liberal or a cut-throat business woman. I hope it's not the first one because she'll break my heart."

I'm hoping your "I pooped Obama" statement has you leaning towards the business woman.

Love you funny girl,

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