Sunday, May 17

Brave Boy

Dear Ty,

The last few days I have been nervously waiting for the doctor to call us. Last Wednesday, we had to take you into the doctor's because you had some blood in your poop. They told us it could be a million things or it could be nothing at all. We went back the next day and they had to draw blood from your tiny little arm. I was sick all day thinking about how awful it was going to be, but you did an awesome job! It took three of us to hold you still but you didn't even cry! I just kept giving you kisses talking to you to keep you happy. You even managed a tiny smile during the draw. We also had to collect a poop sample, which I will spare you all the fun details of. This wouldn't have been a problem if you had something near a solid poop. Unfortunately for us, it was pretty much liquid. Let's just say it took some creativity to finally get it :-)

You are sleeping peacefully now and I hope to hear back from the doctor tomorrow. I've decided there's nothing worse than not knowing what's going on, so I hope we get some answers soon. In the meantime, keep smiling little guy....

I love you,

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