Monday, May 11

Mom of Two

Dear Noelle and Ty,

I must be the luckiest mom. You two are such sweeties and I enjoyed spending my Mother's Day with you guys and Daddy. We went out to Turkey Run for our annual Trail 3 hike. Daddy and I were a little nervous because Trail 3 is an incredibly tough trail that include hiking up a waterfall, climbing down three sets of rickety wooden ladders, climbing 300+ stairs and keeping your balance of super slippery/muddy trails. We started out with a picnic of fried chicken, fruit, chips and other yummy goodies. Noelle, you thought the picnic was so fun and are still talking about it. We'll have to make sure we go on lots of picnics this summer.

Daddy carried you, Noelle, on his back and you loved having Daddy walk through the water. Good thing he was wearing his reef shoes that we bought in Hawaii, because with all the rain we've had, half the hike was underwater. You also like getting out and hiking yourself, searching for lions in the woods. I carried you, Ty, on my front in the Snugli. You were so content just watching everything that was going on. I made sure to take my time on the hike so that I didn't fall and smoosh you. When we got to the waterfall, Daddy ended up carrying you just in case I slipped. I got a picture of Dad getting ready to hike up the fall with both of you. All along the trial, the other hikers kept telling us how brave we were and that they couldn't believe we'd take two little ones out on Trail 3!!

There was no better gift for Mother's Day!! I love being your mom and am so thankful that you two are such great kids. There's nothing better than spending time with you and listening to your laughs and seeing how much fun the both of you are having. Thanks for a perfect day!! I love you guys!


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