Saturday, May 2

The Jokester

Dear Noelle,

The last few weeks your personality has just become hilarious. First, let's talk about the things that are those funny-but-you-shouldn't-laugh episodes. My favorite is when you go stomping around the house, pointing at Mommy or Daddy and telling us NO. And it's not just your pointer finger you are using, you throw the thumb in there for good measure, kinda like making the letter L with your two fingers. You are so emphatic and serious and the look on your face is hysterical. Like I'm in charge here Mom and you better listen up because you're making me mad face. Sometimes you add some pauses in for additional affect: "No. I. Don't.Want.It." Dad and I seemed to have worked out a system though. As the one parent who is getting reprimanded sneaks away to laugh, the other puts your little butt in time out and explains why it's not nice to talk to Mommy/Daddy that way. Another favorite is when you give Chompers and Chance the what for. The other day Chompers got a hold of a baby doll and ripped an arm off and chewed a leg. When you woke up from nap and found the carnage your monologue went like this:

"Oh No. What happened here? Chompers at my doll. No, no, no Chompers. Cage Chompers"

and proceeded to put the dog in her cage...and of course there was a ton of L-shaped finger pointing going on.

But the best is how FUNNY you are. You love to joke around and say silly things just to get a reaction from us. For instance, the other night you said "I want to eat poop" (talking about a popsicle) and so I said "you want to eat poop?!?!" and you giggle and say "noooooooooooo" in a tone that really means, Come on mom, don't be ridiculous, nobody eats poop. Sometimes you and I will just sit around and play this game for hours. I say random stuff and you give me the big "noooooooooooo".

You also love to hide. Anytime you hear the garage door opening you run to hide from Daddy. Sometimes you get into a good hiding spot, but blow your cover when you start laughing. You think that if you can't see anything, then you are hidden. Putting your face in the couch is an all-time favorite "hiding spot". Of course we still pretend we can't see you and go around for 10 minutes or so asking "Where is Noelle? Has anyone seen Noelle? Noelle, where are you?!?"

I'm hoping that this doesn't mean you're going to grow up to be the class clown :-) I can hear the phone call now "Hi, this is Ms. So-And-So and I have your daughter Noelle in class this year. I was just calling to let you know........"

Love you Noelle,

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