Wednesday, June 3

4 Months

Dear Ty,
Today you are 4 months. We went to the doctor and you had two shots, but didn't really cry as much as I thought you would. You weighed 15 lbs, 2 oz and were 25.5 inches long. In other words, you are HUGE. Even your little toes are huge. They are seriously an inch long. AN INCH. It's almost kinda of odd looking. You love to have me and Daddy sing to usually end up laughing your little butt off. Your favorite tune today is "Wind Beneath My Wings". Odd choice, but I like it :-) You are this close to rolling over. Your little arm keeps getting in the way and you haven't figured out how to tuck it in yet. You love to watch T.V. any time it's on and I'm going to try to get a pic of you watching it soon. You have a very intent stare and seemd to really like baseball (along with your Colby-crazed sister, but that's a story for another post.) You also like to stand in your exer-saucer, but we've had a few blow-outs in there, so Daddy and I are trying to figure out where the problem is. Daddy thinks it's faulty diaper attaching, but I'm thinking you are ready for the next size diapers, but you can't be in SIZE 3 already...can you??? You love your baths but are almost too long for the baby tub and will be venturing into the big boy tub soon. Other've been sleeping in your cirb lately and usually sleep through the night. However, your recent growth spurt has you up eating every 3 hours and we're hoping it's over soon!! I just can't believe that you've been in the family for 4 months now. Where does the time go? Well, you are fussing, ready to eat, so I'll wrap things up. Keep on being my sweet little beautiful boy!
I love you,

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