Tuesday, June 2

Catching up!

Dear Noelle,

Wow, we've had a super busy last two weeks!! I don't know how other mommies can spend all the time on the computer blogging, face-booking, etc. I can't seem to find any time to update! Well, here's a rundown of the last two weeks:

You ran in your very first race on Memorial Day, May 25th. We were up in Chicago and you looked so cute in your running outfit! You were in the 2-3 year old group and came in fifth place. I was so proud of you and you were pretty excited about your ribbon! Uncle Dave and I ran in the 5K, and Grandma came to watch everyone. We had a blast are you haven't stopped talking about going to "Ca-go".

You also are now POTTY TRAINED!!! We officially put you in undies on Thursday, May 28th and you haven't had any diapers on since. You are such a big girl! I can't believe how easy the whole process was. You've been going #2 for about a month, but weren't quite ready to go #1 on demand. I think you had to wait until you knew "the feeling" of #1 coming. You also had been waking up dry from naps and bedtime, so I knew you were ready. I realize that by bragging how easy this was, I'm jinxing myself and your brother will be in diapers until he's 4, but I'm gonna brag anyways!! You are just too smart.

Of course, this also meant that you needed to be put into the big girl bed. We wanted to make sure you had easy access to your bathroom if duty called in the middle of the night. So, we made a big trip out of getting new covers and Daddy converted your crib to the big girl bed. You LOVED it. You spent a lot of time in there the first few days we had it up. You felt so special with your new covers and pillow and you should- you ARE special. Here are some pre and post bed pics:

It must have been all the changes going on because when I put you in the new bed and tucked you in, I was almost in tears! You'll come to find out, Ms. Noelle, that I'm not too sentimental. I don't save your birthday cards every year or drawing that you make (sorry, I do love them, just don't feel the need to have all the clutter!!). But something about both potty training and the new bed just hit home for me. You are growing up. You are learning so much and have such a personality that it makes me sad you won't stay little forever. You're getting more independent and outspoken and I love every minute of it. I'm so proud of you and am looking forward to your next big milestone!

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