Monday, June 14

Adventures in Dance Class Week #2

Things went a lot smoother this week at dance class.  As you can see, I caved in and bought a cute dance outfit.  I couldn't resist.  We were at Target and I figured we would try it on and see if she liked it.  Who was I kidding? Once she put it on, her eyes got very wide and she whispered, "Can I dance like Cinderella?"  As she danced around the fitting room, I got a little teary eyed.  She looked like a million bucks and you can tell she felt that way too.  We all know that feeling- when you get a new pair of shoes, new haircut, new dress, etc.  She then asked, "Can we get it? Daddy is going to LOVE this."  After that comment, I would have bought this regardless of the price! The tu-tu part is all sortsa sparkly and she was right, Daddy did love it!

We arrive early at class so she wouldn't be overwhelmed, and she quietly took her seat.  Her teachers welcomed her with a fun game and Noelle seemed pretty comfortable.  I got my camera out and was all set to take some video.  Then the teachers told the moms that we had to leave and go wait in a room down the hall.

Time out.  It's too soon to leave them alone! This is only the second week! I need to be able to prepare Noelle (and myself) mentally for things like this.

Reluctantly, we all shuffled out of the dance studio, but forget room 207 clear across the building.  We all camped out behind the closed studio door, you know, in case our little girls needed us for anything.  As the half hour crept by, the moms all started talking.  Funny thing is, all our differences faded to the background and we commiserated together on how it was too soon to leave them, wondering if they needed us for anything, and waited for our daughters to come out early for a quick cuddle or pep talk. 

No one came out in tears, and we took turns peeking through the crack of the door to make sure everything was ok.  It's funny how when it comes down to it, all moms have things in common when it comes to our kids.  We all have trouble letting go, we're fiercely protective of our kids, and let's face it: motherhood can be downright difficult at times.  It was comforting in its own weird way to sit with these other moms and hear them echo my thoughts and concerns.  Who knew we were so alike? I need to work on finding those similarities.

As we walked into dance, I saw this license plate and took a picture as proof to support my first dance post.  But after talking to the moms in our ad hoc separation anxiety support group, and after taking a deeper look, I found the commonality- we both drive Toyotas.  A great choice I might add ;-)

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