Monday, June 7

What in the world is going on?

Dear Noelle,

Today was your first day of dance class.  You love to dance around the house and so I thought it would be something you would enjoy doing.  I'll admit, I was a little hesitant to write the check because the only class available to 3 year olds had a description that was....well...what's the word....artsy.  But nevertheless, I signed you up and walked in to the room with an open mind and great expectations.

Artsy doesn't begin to describe the instructors or atmosphere.  It was weird not necessarily something I'd experience before, but it was obvious that some of the other parents had been ballerinas in their younger years because their kids were decked out in finest tu-tus, leotards, and tightly wound buns that looked downright ridiculous.  I'd imagine their excitement in this creative movement class paralleled my excitement when you ran you first race, so I do get it.  Sort of.

The instructors turned out to be great as I watched with a critical teacher's eye. Everything was sequenced and designed very well.  I could tell you were a little uneasy at first because every time you started a new exercise you shot me a look-  wide eyes, slight smile- as if to say are you kidding me?! I did what I know best and called out all sorts of encouraging words and praise, even if that's not the dancer thing to do.

Towards the end, you got more comfortable and when the teacher asked if anyone had a favorite dance move they wanted to show, you piped up "I DO".  I held my breath and prayed to God that you didn't bust out your highly inappropriate booty shaker.  Thankfully, you did a twirl that all the other girls wanted to copy...and a mighty fine twirl at that. 

All in all, it was a good first day. You seemed to enjoy the experience, which is good considering we've got a 9:45 appointment with the artsy life for the next 2.5 months.  When I asked you what you thought of your first class, you said "The music was weird." Yep- you definitely have never heard classical music before.  Maybe I should request some Black Eyed Peas at the next class...on second thought the instructor would probably have a heart attack if "Do it" came on.  Guess I'll just have to play some Mozart and Beethoven in the car.  Maybe in between tu-tu shopping and figuring out how to get your hair up in a bun.  What do you think babe?

Love you,

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