Wednesday, June 16

My Little Helper

Dear Ty-Ty,

I can't believe how quick you catch on to everything! Tonight, after dinner, you were helping me clean up.  I was so surprised that you knew where to put the silverware in the dishwasher.  Then, I was letting you play in the sink while I loaded the rest of the dishes and you took the scrubber brush and pushed all the food into the garbage disposal.  I had no idea you even knew how to do that! One of the things your sister and you like to fight over is who gets to get the dishwasher tab...but since she was back out in the pool, you were able to do it all by yourself.  You put the tab in, closed the compartment, shut the dishwasher, locked it, and turned it on.  5 steps in a row without me telling you what to do!! I couldn't believe it :-) 

There is a quote that goes something like- Don't worry that your children never listen to you, worry they are always watching you.  How true it is!

I love you baby boy,

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